Metal bases for holding Carnival Glass

Early in the carnival glass era, fabricators would sometimes wed glass
items with custom made metal bases. Here are a few examples to show
the variety of the bases

Art Glass Footed Bowl
That's how this piece was described when it sold in 2022 for $950. The ruffled green bowl is 11 1/2 inches wide and the base is marked "Berlin". Photo courtesy of Seeck auctions
Victorian Etched
This piece is 11 1/4 inches tall and marked Rogers SP. It brought $200 in 2022.

Plumb Opal Rosebowl
This dramatic piece sold in 2021 for $180.
Favrene Amphora Vase
Hand painted 10-inch vase in purple by Fenton. Sold for $175 in 2021.

Goddess of Athena
Sold in 2009 for $1,600 and 2001 for $2,750
More bases These are the same bowl pattern as at left. Sold in 2016. Top: $225, bottom: $300.

Athena (without the goddess)
Sold in 2022 for $1,000

Updated 3/12/2022