God and Home, Dugan

Once considered the epitome of Carnival, God and Home has lost a bit of its lustre but still commands an excellent price. The tumblers are thought to have geen given away as store premiums; the pitcher awarded when six tumblers had been acquired. With both pitchers and tumblers, one side is lettered with "In God We Trust," the other side "God Bless Our Home." The original set is known only in blue (with the exception of the marigold tumbler below) but has been reproduced in other colors.

Hartung Book Three: God and Home

Water sets, 7 piece

Blue, 1,400, 2,800 (both 2014), 3,000 (2022)

Blue, chip on tumbler, 4,100 (2012)

Water pitchers

Blue, 1,100 (2006), 850 (2010)


Blue, 55, 65, 100, 110 (all 2020), 50, 60, 65 (all 2022)

Marigold, 1 known

This photo of a marigold tumbler, the only one I know of, was sent to me by Donald Farrel.

Updated 5/26/2022

Another God and Home rarity, this one an amethyst tumbler from James Johnson. Sent to me in 2019. I have no records of any in this color selling at auction over the last 25 years.