Grape and Cable Sherbets

Marion Hartung, in her Fourth book on Carnival Glass identification, referred to these small bowls with pedestal base as "Ice Cream Dishes." These days they're called "Sherbets."

The group of five above, in purple, sold in 2014 for $70. Typically the purple will sell individually for $15 to $25, marigold for $8 to $15.

Hartung Book Four: Grape and Cable ice cream dishes

Bowls and plates
Fruit bowls and banana boats
Centerpiece bowls, ferneries
Water sets, hats
Humidors, cookie jars, compotes, sweetmeats
Dresser sets, table sets, and breakfast sets
Punch sets and whiskey sets
Bonbons, cups and saucers, candlesticks, candlelamps

Updated 5/11/2017