Grape Arbor, Dugan

While this has the same name as the Northwood pattern found in water sets, it is by Dugan and large footed fruit bowls are the only shape. The exterior pattern is Inverted Fan and Feather (titled Feather Scroll by Marion Hartung), also seen on other Dugan bowls. Not often up for sale.

Hartung Book Three: Feather Scroll

Fruit bowls

Amethyst/purple, 50 (2019), 60 (2021)

Blue, 450 (2007), 125 (2020)

Lavender, 400 (2021)

Marigold, 20 (2019), 30 (2020)

Peach opal, 225 (2018), rare

Vaseline, marigold over, rare

Updated 12/5/2022