Graceful, Cristalerias Piccardo
A rare tumbler with an elaborate scroll design made in Argentina. This one, in blue, sold on eBay in 2004, for $180. In 2005, another blue tumbler brought $190 on eBay. A cracked water pitcher, also in blue, sold at live auction in 1999 for $80. A blue tumbler sold in 2011 for $80 and another in 2018 for $30.

In 2019 at the Bob Smith tumbler auction, Graceful tumblers in amber sold for $5, $15 and $20. An aqua tumbler brought $7.50. in 2020 an amber tumbler sold for $110.

A rare pitcher, in blue, bought by Bob and Sandy Sage from Argentina in late 2012. It is 9 inches tall and now in the collection of Dolores Sage.

Updated 11/19/2020