Goddess of Athena, Athena
The maker of these spectacular epergnes is unknown, although I suspect they're of European origin. The bowls have a Peacock Tail design on the interior. This example sold in 2009 for $1,600. One described in these colors sold in 2001 for $2,750--perhaps the same example. Also known with marigold bowls.

In 2022, one of these with amber glass sold for $1,100.

This item is simply called Athena as the holder part below the top bowl and lily is not the female sculptural part but an intricate metal extension.

One of these sold in 2022 for $1.000.

When these two compotes with metal bases sold in 2016 they were listed as Athena as the bowls are the same as those on the Goddess of Athena epergne. The compote at the top, in dark amber, brought $225 and the bottom, in lighter amber, $300.