European Carnival Glass Patterns, except Vases     Vases
While most American Carnival Glass is identified by the patterns on the interior, European Carnival rarely has an interior. Mose European patterns are geometric in style and found in a more limited range of colors than much U. S. patterns. There was also relatively little shaping of individual pieces, the European glass was much as it came from the mold. European Carnival was made mostly during the 1920s, though some dates from much earlier.

Antigone, Brockwitz

Ariadne (Rose Band), Brockwitz

Asters, Brockwitz

Cathedral Arches, Brockwitz

Chariot compote, unknown maker

Charlotte, Brockwitz

Classic Arts/Egyptian Queen, Rindskopf

Covered Hen, Sowerby

Covered Swan, Sowerby

Curved Star, Brockwitz

Daisy Block Rowboat, Sowerby

Diamond Cut Shields, Brockwitz

Diana the Huntress

Diving Dolphins, Sowerby

Double Diamonds, Inwald

Drapery Variant, Inwald

Electra, Riihimaki, Brockwitz

Fans, Rindskopf

Fircone tumbler, Riihimaki

Firefly candlesticks, Riihimaki

Fleur de Lis, Inwald

Flora float bowls, Sowerby

Flashing Star, Riihimaki

Floral Sunburst, Eda

Garland and Bows, Riihimaki

Grand Thistle, Riihimaki

Grankvist, Eda

Hobstar and Cut Triangles, Sowerby

Illinois Daisy, Rindskopf

Lagerkrans, Eda

Lea, Sowerby

Moller, Eda

Moonprint, Brockwitz

Nola, Inwald

Northern Lights, Brockwitz

Pineapple, Sowerby

Rose Garden, Brockwitz and Eda

Royal Swans, Sowerby

Sea Thistle, Sowerby

Starburst, Riihimaki

Starburst and Crown, Riihimaki

Stjarna, Eda

Sunk Daisy (Amerika), Eda and Riihimaki

Superstar, Brockwitz

Tartan, Brockwitz

Texas Tumbler, Brockwitz

Thistle and Thorn, Sowerby

Triple Alliance, Brockwitz

Wickerwork, Sowerby

Provence, Inwald