Classic Arts/Egyptian Queen, Rindskopf

The Classic Arts and Egyptian Queen patterns are very similar. Both have a frieze of nude figures playing musical instruments. All pieces are marigold with the frieze in a green stain that imitates weathered bronze. Research by Glen and Stephen Thistlewood has determined that the patterns were made by Josef Rindskopf of Czechoslovakia. The frieze band on Classic Arts pieces is just over one inch (3 cm) deep. The shapes are an 8-inch vase with 12 panels, an open sugar 4 1/2 inches across, and a covered sugar, also 4 1/2 inches across (also marketed as a marmalade pot). The frieze band on Egyptian Queen pieces is two inches deep. There are only vases in two sizes: around 7 inches (19 cm) and around six inches (15 cm), both with 8 panels.

Hartung Book Five: Classic Arts

Hartung Book Ten: Classic Arts Celery Vase

Classic Arts covered sugar (often listed as powder jar)

Marigold, 425 (2012), 175, 225 (both 2019)

Classic Arts open sugar (often listed as rosebowl or powder jar base)

Marigold, 200 (2021), 170 (2022)


Note that auctioneers don't always state the distinction between the below vases correctly.

Classic Arts: Marigold, 170, 250 (both 2020), 80 (2021)

Egyptian Queen: Marigold, 190, 225, 240 (all 2020), 160 (2021)

Updated 11/29/2022