Starburst and Crown, Riihimaki

Only a few shapes in this pattern have turned up in carnival. In marigold, this tumbler and pitcher sold at a 2004 auction for $55 and $250. Another marigold tumbler sold in 2004 for $170. Also in 2004 a marigold tumbler sold on eBay for $96. In 2015, a marigold tumbler sold for $25. In 2019 a blue tumbler sold for $30 and a marigold for $25.

The pitcher is also known in blue.

This 3 3/4-inch tall spittoon shaped vase in blue sold in 2020 for $250.

Updated 12/25/2020

This 9-inch tall compote sold in 2011 for $90. It was listed as pink.