Covered Hen (Hen on Nest)
This is the heavily sculpted Sowerby version with chicks on the side and is sometimes called "Hen with chicks." Probably used as a butter dish. Many similar items have been made in contemporary glass.

Hartung Book Four: Covered Hen

Blue, 80, 100, 110 (all 2021), 50 (2022)

Green, 35 (2022)

Marigold, 15, 25, 55 (all 2021), 80 (2022)

This is a new example of a covered hen. It was made by Mosser and is in vaseline glass. It sold in 2022 and brought $75. Photo courtesy of Sheffield auctions

Updated 12/7/2022

Here is the Indiana Glass version of the covered hen, in marigold. As nice as they are, they don't bring much--$15 to $30.