Triple Alliance, Brockwitz
Only known in marigold and blue cracker jars (also known as biscuit barrels). The originals would have had lids in matching glass (and are worth more). In 2004 on eBay a marigold example sold for $121 and a blue one for $526.

In 2013, this marigold example with silver plated lid sold for $120 and in 2015 another with a similar lid fetched $525.

In 2016, another marigold biscuit jar listed as having a metal lid brought $25 and a blue example with a glass lid sold for $160.

In 2017 a marigold covered cracker jar with metal lid and handle sold for $75.

Updated 5/11/2022

The one at left, complete with glass lid, sold in 2022 for $100. Photo courtesy of Wroda auctions.

Also in 2022, one of these in blue sold for $300, though it was listed as Triands Niobe.