Rose Band (Ariadne), Brockwitz

Rose Band was made by the German glass maker Brockwitz. They called it Ariadne. Glen and Stephen Thistlewood, in their book, A Century of Carnival Glass, report tumblers, juice glasses, decanters, and wine glasses. The items above were described as a tumbler and a shot glass when I photographed them in private collections. The pattern is much like Piccardo's Band of Roses and is easily confused with it.


Marigold, 100 (2017)

Wine glass, 4 inches

Marigold, 120 (2017)

Wine glass, 3 1/4 inches

Marigold, 50 (2021)

Ariadne was made in a wide varity of shapes as indicated in the catalog page below from a Brockwitz catalog. It is not known how many of the shapes, however, were iridized.

Updated 11/6/2021