Alphabetical Listing, L
Lacy Dewdrop
Ladies Shoe
Lady Fingers vase
Lancaster 950
Lattice #336, Jenkins
Lattice and Daisy
Lattice and Grape
Lattice Hearts
Lattice and Leaves vase
Lattice and Poinsettia
Lattice and Points
Laurel Band
Laurel and Grape
Laurel Wreath
Laurier Nelly
LBJ Hat ashtray
Lead Luster
Leaf and Beads
Leaf Chain
Leaf Chalice
Leaf Columns vases
Leaf and Little Flowers
Leaf Rays nappies
Leaf Swirl compotes
Leaf Tiers
J N Ledford (lettered)
Lightning Flower nappies
Lightning Stars
Lilac & Tulip vase
Lillian Candlesticks
Lily vase
Lily, giant, vase
Lily of the Valley
Lindal vase
Lined Lattice vases
Linn's Mums
Lion Miniature
Liquor Chest
Little Barrel
Little Bo Peep
Little Beads
Little Daisies
Little Fishes
Little Flowers
Little Jessie
Little Leaves
Little Stars
Loganberry vases
Long Buttress
Long Hobstar
Long Thumbprint, Dugan
Long Thumbprint vases
Long Thumbprint Hobnail vases
Long Thumbprint Not vases
Lotus and Grape
Lotus and Poinsettia
Lotus Land bonbon
Lotus and Thistle
Luna Shade
Lustre and Clear
Lustre Corn vase
Lustre Flute
Lustre Rose