Long Thumbprint Hobnail, Fenton

Last updated 12/12/2021

Sometimes misidentified as Fenton's Knotted Beads because of the similarity in design. This one has nine ovals around with seven regularly placed hobs in each oval. Knotted Beads has six ovals around with connected beads. We think the Long Thumbprint mold was modified to make this vase. All colors are quite scarce in this pattern.

Fenton Vases--Variations on a Theme, Part Two

Amethyst/purple, 30 (2017), 25 (2021)

Blue, 45 (listed as Knotted Beads, 2009),
   30 (2012)

Green, 25 (2016), 25 (2018)

Marigold, 6 (2012)

Marigold, front lower than back, 45 (2011)