Bo Peep, Little Bo Peep

Hartung Book Four: Bo Peep

Based on the nursery rhyme, the pattern has an image of a little girl and a lamb. Bowls (sometimes referred to as plates a they're quite shallow) have the alphabet and numbers around the edge. Mostly seen in mugs, an occasional cereal bowl like that at the left shows up. At one time Westmoreland was widely credited as the maker, but recent information points to another manufacturer.

Marigold, 450 (2003), 70 (2008), 38, 185 (2013)

Marigold, 10 (2017), 30 (2019),
   10, 45 (both 2020), 225 (2021), 150 (2022)

Set (bowl and mug)
Marigold, 35 (2015)

Here's what the Little Bo Peep mug looks like. It's very charming.