Lotus and Thistle, Fenton
Alternating lotus blossoms and thistles. Quite a rare pattern, but with a price range of just $25 to $50 for marigold 7-inch bowls. On the right is a photo of the only non-marigold piece in this pattern that I know of. It's in blue and is courtesy of Duane and Norma Uusitalo. The first marigold plate to sell at auction in many years brought $700 in 2010. In 2016, a blue ice cream shaped bowl sold for $75.

In 2017, a blue bowl sold for $70 and marigold bowls brought $30 and $40. A marigold plate whimsey with reverse ruffles brought $625.

In 2018, a bowl in marigold sold for $20 and in 2020, another marigold bowl brought $15.

In 2021, a marigold 7-inch ice cream shaped bowl sold for $35.

Hartung Book Six: Lotus and Thistle

Updated 8/12/2021

At the left is the only Lotus and Thistle plate of which I'm aware. The photo was sent to me by Kandis Richmond in 2006. In 2010, the plate was sold at a Mickey Reichel auction to Phil and Sandy Kay for $700. This plate was subsequently sold in 2017 for $425.