Long Thumbprint Not

I've called these vases, seen in two versions above, Long Thumbprint Not, because we don't have an official identification of it yet. While the pattern has superficial similarities to Fenton's Long Thumbprint, there are distinct differences, mainly in that there are three rows of thumbprints around the trunk and, in these examples, fine vertical lines around the top of the base. Both of these vases are amethyst.

The example on the left, with the hyacinth top, sold in 2003 for $900 and in 2007 for $2,300. The example on the right brought $600 in 2016.

In 2021, a 9 3/4-inch example in amethyst sold for $200.

Yet another Long Thumbprint Not vase. Note that it has the same three rings of thumbprints as the vases above, but without the detail on top of the base. Two of these vases have been found in teal, one in amethyst.

This is a typical short Fenton Long Thumbprint vase. Note the four rows of thumbprints here.

Sean Ward sent me the above photo in 2020. It shows a regular Long Thumbprint vase on the left and a Long Thumbprint Not vase on the right.

Updated 4/24/2022