Lily Vase, Northwood

When the above vase sold at auction in late 2020, it was the first I'd heard of the pattern going back some 25 years. It is about six inches tall, described as green, and gathered quite a bit of interest as it sold for $000 with more than 20 bids. Photos courtesy of Sheffield auctions.
The first of these interesting little vases to surface was discovered by Bob Patterson. It sold in his 2009 auction for $200. These delicate vases are approximately 6 inches tall with 2.25-inch bases. They are believed to be Northwood although no positive attribution, or pattern name, has been found. They have been called Flute Footed, Flute Variant, Wide Panel Bud vase, and now Lily Vase.

Curiously, all that have been reported are olive green, with nine panels, some with three ruffles, some with four. Of course, their similarity to Northwood Wide Panel epergne lilies is immediately obvious. Lance Hilkene has a very similar marigold JIP vase which matches the Savannah Lily vases that fit into metal holders.

Updated 12/10/2020