Lucile, Cristalerias Papini

The pattern was named for Lucile Britt by Al Rodenhouse. An article by Bob Smith in the April 2007 issue of the HOACGA newsletter states: "We now know the origins of this pattern. Thanks to the efforts of Glen Thistlewood, the tumbler was found in an old Butler Brothers catalog. It was an original Indiana Glass pattern in crystal. Sometime in the past, Indiana Glass sold the mould to one of the Argentina glass companies. The transfer of moulds between American and European companies to Argentinian glass companies was not uncommon. Many examples exist of the practice." Subsequently, Glen and Steve Thistlewood found the catalog image showing the pitcher and tumbler in a 1933 catalog from Cristalerias Papini.

Water sets, 7 piece

Blue, 575 (2013), 200 (2014)

Water pitchers

Blue, 140 (2010), 550, Katsikas auction (2020)

Blue, with 3 tumblers, $160


Blue, 50 (2020), 90 (2021)

Blue, set of two, 45 (2015)

Marigold, 90 (2018), 325 (2019)

Updated 12/13/2022