Alphabetical Listing, I, J, K
Idyll vase
Illinois Daisy jar
Illinois Solders and Sailors Home
Illusion bonbon
Imperial Daisy
Imperial Paperweight
Imperial Grape
Bowls and plates
Punch sets, carafes, baskets, tidbit trays
Water and wine sets, goblets
Compotes, rosebowls, cups & saucers, shades
Spittoon whimsies
Imperial Jewels
Imperial by Piccardo
Imperial Rose
Inca bottles
Indian Ashtray
Indian Face bottle
Indianapolis Soldiers and Sailors Monument
Indiana State House
Industria Argentina
Intaglio Apple and Pear
Intaglio Cherry
Intaglio Daisy
Intaglio Flower
Intaglio Strawberry
Intaglio Thistle
Intaglio Three Fruits
Interior Optic
Interior Panels
Interior Poinsettia tumbler
Interior Wide Panel
Interior Swirl Rosebowl, Dugan
Interior Swirl Tankard, Northwood
Inverted Coin Dot
Inverted Fan & Feather
Inverted Feather
Inverted Prisms
Inverted Strawberry
Inverted Thistle
Iris and Herringbone
Isaac Benesch & Sons (lettered)
Jacob's Ladder rosebowls
Jacobean, Inwald
Jeweled Heart
Jeweled Peacock Tail vase
J N Ledford (lettered)
Joan of Arc bottle
Jockey Club (lettered)
Josef's Plumes vases
Josefine Wreath
J.R.Milner tumbler
Jupiter vase

Kansas Mug
Karelia vase
Karve vase
Kelsey Murphy
Keystone Colonial
King James vase
Kings Crown
Knechtel bowl
Knobby Vases
Knotted Beads vases
Koi vase
Kokomo rosebowls
Kulor vases