Josefine Wreath, Libochovice

In early 2017, Iris Down sent me the two photos above wondering if I knew the pattern. I'd never seen it but we agreed it was probably European and I suggested she get in touch with Glen and Stephen Thistlewood who follow European Carnival closely. Glen reported that she found the items in a catalog of the Czechoslovian glass maker, Libochovice, from around 1930.

As Iris had uncovered the piece, Glen suggested she devise a name for the pattern. Her choice was Josefine Wreath. Josefine was the name given by the factory to the suite. Glen and Stephen have posted their own web page on their site. If you'd like to view the Thistlewood's page, click here.

Last updated 2/26/2020

At the left is an image of the pattern from the catalog mentioned above, which is courtesy Seigmar Geiselberger and Rona Crystal Archive.