Inverted Coin Dot, Fenton

The Inverted Coin Dot pattern has small depressed smooth dots covering the exterior surfaces of the pitchers and tumblers. Small compotes with a similar design are most likely Westmoreland.

Hartung Book Seven: Inverted Coin Dot

Water sets, 7 pieces

Marigold, 150 (2008), 140 (2009)

Marigold, 8 pieces, 75 (2021)

Marigold, 6 pieces, 250 (2002)

Marigold, 5 pieces, 45 (2017)


Marigold, 55 (2006), 45 (2008)


Marigold, 5 (2011), 5 (2018)

Vase whimsey from water pitcher, two handles

Smokey, 35 (2012)

Updated 12/9/2022

The peach opal compote at the left sold at auction in 2005 for $135. It was described as Inverted Coin Dot. I'm not sure it's Fenton, however, as I've only seen them in peach opal. While Fenton did make some peach opal, it seems unlikely that the only examples would be in this color. A similar compote, also in peach opal, was offered on eBay at about the same time, but did not make the reserve price at $20.