Idyll, Fenton
While these 7-inch tall vases are listed as Idyll, they're really part of the Waterlily and Cattails pattern. They're quite rare. I photographed this one at a 1993 auction where it was listed as the only one known and brought $600. In the years since 1993 a few more examples have surfaced, most in this shape, color, and iridescent treatment. Surprisingly, three examples similar to this one sold in 2018 for $550, $600, and $700.

Hartung Book Five: Idyll

Among the few Idyll vases known is this beautiful ruffled one in amethyst that sold in 2009. It brought just $450, no doubt because it is cracked around the bottom.
This marigold example can best be described as a hyacinth shape. It sold in 2008 for $1,200, and again in 2017 for $2,100, listed as a "6.5-inch vase, cupped in."
What a find! Not only is this extraordinary vase amethyst, but it is swung to a height of ten inches. The left photo shows the pattern from the same angle as the marigold example at the very top of the page, while the right photo shows the same side of the pattern as the ruffled amethyst example above. Note how the butterfly is elongated in the swung example, its wings still retaining their charming dots. Vase and photos courtesy of Samantha Prince.

Updated 12/17/2018