Apple and Pear Intaglio, Strawberry Intaglio, Northwood
Both the Apple and Pear Intaglio and the Strawberry Intaglio have the design cut into the exterior of the bowl--which is very thick glass. The iridescence is on the outside, not the inside, of these 9 3/4 inch marigold bowls. In 2016 an Apple and Pear Intaglio bowl sold for $10 as did a Strawberry Intaglio bowl.

In 2018, another Apple and Pear Intaglio sold for $10. Also in 2018, two Strawberry Intaglio bowls in marigold sold for $20 and Cherry intaglio bowls in marigold sold for $10 and $240 (that's right, and I don't have any idea why the difference).

Note that some auctioneers list these patterns, especially the Apple and Pear Intaglio, as Three Fruits Intaglio.

In 2005, this Northwood Cherry Intaglio bowl in marigold, the same style as the above items, sold for $50 on eBay.

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Hartung Book Nine: Cherry and Cable Intaglio
Hartung Book Nine: Strawberry Intaglio

Updated 6/18/2018