Alphabetical Listing, D
Dagny vase
Daisy basket, Imperial
Daisy bonbons, Fenton
Daisy Block Rowboat
Daisy & Cane
Daisy Chain shades
Daisy Cut Bell
Daisy Dear
Daisy and Button
Daisy and Button, Hansen
Daisy and Diamond Cut
Daisy and Drape vases
Daisy water set, Imperial
Daisy and Lattice
Daisy and Plume
Daisy and Scroll
Daisy Squares
Daisy Web
Daisy Wreath
Dance of the Veils vase
Dancing Ladies
Dancing People
Danube vase
Davann vase
Davidson's Society Chocolates (lettered)
Decorated Steins
Deep Grape compotes
Delmar Gardens
Delta Base candlesticks
Derby, Sowerby
Diagonal Band
Diamond Block
Diamond Cane
Diamond Cut vase
Diamond Cut Shields
Diamond and Daisy Cut
Diamond and Fan back pattern
Diamond and Fan creamer
Diamond and Fan tumbleup
Diamond File
Diamond File Panels
Diamond Fountain cruet
Diamond Head
Diamond Heart vase
Diamond Lace
Diamond Lace Epergne
Diamond Optic
Diamond Ovals
Diamond Peaks
Diamond Point baskets
Diamond Point vases
Diamond Point Columns vases
Diamond Point Columns, Hazel Atlas
Diamond Point Swirl
Diamond Prisms
Diamond and Rib
Diamond Ring
Diamond and Sunburst
Diamond Wheel
Diamonds, Millersburg
Diamonds compote
Diamonds and Dots tray
Diamonds tumbleup
Diana the Huntress
Diving Dolphins
Dog Figurines or Candy Containers
Dog Face ashtray
Dogwood Sprays
Dolores candlestick
Dolphins (Dolphins & Herons) compotes
Dolphin compote, Fenton
Dorsey and Funkenstein (lettered)
Dotted Ribs Vase
Double Diamonds
Double Dolphins
Double Dutch
Double Helix candlesticks
Double Loop
Double Pedestal candlesticks
Double Scroll
Double Star
Double Stem Rose
Double Tulip
Dove and Ribbon Bell
Dozen Roses
Dr. Chandler's Bitters Bottle
Dr. Fisch's Bitters Bottle
Dragon and Lotus
Dragon, Paneled, vase
Dragon and Strawberry
Dragon's Tongue
Drama vase
Drape Footed vase
Drapery, Northwood
Drapery variant, Inwald
Dreibus Parfait Sweets (lettered)
Dresden Drape vase
Drink Coca Cola ashtray
Dugan/Diamond candlevase
Duck, covered, Smith
Duncan Miller #30
Dutch Boy and Girl ashtray
Dutch Star