6 Dolores Candlestick
Dolores Candlestick, Rosice (Czech Republic)

Updated 6/28/2022

Sandy Sage purchased this pretty and unusual candlestick in 2019 from a seller in the Czech Republic. After searching online, she was able to find a website that features catalog pages from the Czech company Rosice that shows this candlestick (see lower image at left.)

After comparing notes with Glenn Thistlewood, it was decided the lustrus iridization was likely done by a separate company in the Czech Republic that specialized in vacuum iridizing, LiGlass.

The name Dolores? Sandy decided to name her candlestick in honor of her Mother-in-law, Dolores Sage, a fellow carnival glass collector who had recently passed away. Dolores had been honored by two carnival glass clubs for her efforts in encouraging young people to begin collecting carnival glass. In fact, Dolores was largely responsible for beginning Iridescent Nation, a club especially for young collectors.