Decorama, Josef Inwald

This pattern is quite scarce: I've only seen a few pieces and only in marigold. Note that the tumbler and pitcher both have a square-shaped foot and vertical beveled bars on the sides. The above water set sold in 2016 for $625.

Glen and Steve Thistlewood report that both pitchers and tumblers were copied by one of the South American carnival glassmakers. They produced their versions in marigold and blue. They did not use the Inwald moulds, thus there are subtle differences in the patterns. For photos and more information on these South American copies go here.

Water set, 7 piece

Marigold, 376 (eBay 2004), 625 (2016)

Pitcher, water

Marigold, 200 (2021)

Marigold, with 2 tumblers, 200 (2010)

Marigold, nick corner of base, 170 (2016)

Tumblers, 4 inches tall

Blue, 450 (2017)

Marigold, 115 (2016), 20 (2018), 80 (2021)

Juice glass, 3 1/2 inches tall

Marigold, 85 (2016), 50 (2021)

Cordial, 2 3/8 inch tall

Marigold, 215 (2016)

This decanter belongs to Samantha Prince and so far is the only one reported.

Last updated 2/4/2022