Daisy and Button, Various Makers
The Daisy and Button pattern has been applied to many shapes in Carnival Glass over the years, mostly in marigold but newer items have been reported in amethyst, teal, red/amberina, pearlized milkglass and vaseline. The example shown here is a marigold toothpick holder that sold in 2017 for $450, an unusually high price for such a piece. Most items tend to sell in the $40 to $80 range. Photo courtesy of Seeck Auctions.
This miniature roller skate in marigold sold in 2017 for $160. Other roller skates in marigold sold in 2018 for $35, 2012 for $65 and in 2002 for $80. Another sold in 2021 for $110.
This miniature shoe was listed as a match holder when it sold in 2021 for $35. Noted as having a striker.
This little hat in marigold is actually an ashtray. Note the slots on the rim for holding the cigarettes. It sold for $15 in 2017.
Other items
Ashtray, marigold, $15 (2017)
Canoe, vaseline, $115 (2009)
Hat toothpick holder, marigold $25 (2017), 40 (2021)
High heeled shoe, marigold, $23 (2002)
Juice glass, 3 1/2 inches tall, marigold, $45 (2004)
Miniature lamp, iridized milkglass, $40 (2018)
Spittoon, 1981, marigold, $25 (2017)
Witches kettle ashtray, marigold, $135 (2003), $70 (2021)
Witches kettle ashtray, no handle, souvenir, $150

Updated 5/3/2021