Dresden Drape, Inwald
Ironically, two examples of this majestic vase were discovered/recognized about the same time. This example was found in a small town in Alabama by Carl and Eunice Booker. It was named Dresden Drape by Carl and Eunice, with Glen Thistlewood's help. The other was found in Canada and given the name Four Garlands.

A third example has surfaced in the US and this one still has its flower frog.

This substantial, yet graceful and elegant, Dresden Drape vase is seven inches high with a seven and a half inch flare. As might be expected with Inwald Carnival, the few known examples are marigold.

On the catalog page below you can see the Dresden Drape vase was given the pattern number 8838. So far as we know, neither Inwald nor its distributors provided a pattern name.

Designed for practicality as well as beauty, you can see the ledge that supports a flower frog.

Catalog page from Josef Inwald A.G., Prague, Czechoslovakia catalog reprinted in Bill Heacock's Collecting Glass Volume 2.

Updated 7/15/2018