Vases: Flowers, Vegetables, Fruit
Also see: The Human Figure   Hobs, Knobs, and Bullseyes   Birds   Loop, Swirls, Drapes

Thumbprint-type   Diamonds, Basketweave, Lattice   Ribs, Panels, Flutes   Geometric

European  Whimsies

Acorn, Millersburg

Blackberry Bark

Butterfly and Berry

Butterfly and Corn

Corn Vases, Northwood

Cut Flowers, Jenkins

Daisy and Drape, Northwood

Field Thistle, US Glass


Fishnet, Imperial

Floral and Sunburst, Eda

Grape and Cable, Northwood

Idyll, Fenton

Loganberry, Imperial

Lustre Corn, Dugan

Maize, Libby

Palm Beach, US Glass

Poppy Show, Imperial

Rose Columns, Millersburg

Rose Garden, Eda

Scroll and Flower Panels, Imperial

Summer Days, Dugan

Town Pump, Northwood

Twigs, Dugan

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