Maize, Libby
I photographed the 7-inch celery vase on the left in 1993 when it sold at auction for $55. It's the only one I'd seen at the time. However, another with blue husks sold in 1994 for $75 and a similar one in 2004 for $260. The Maize cruet with blue husks sold in 2002 for $250. Another brought $200 in 2009. In 2019, another sold for $675.

In 2016 two more light marigold celery vases with blue stain sold for $130 and $185. In 2018, another sold for $140.

In 2017 a marigold salt shaker sold for $75 and a marigold condiment jar brought $80.

In 2018, a marigold item listed as a mustard jar from a condiment set sold for $155.

In 2021, another sale of a celery vase was for $140.

Hartung Book Seven: Maize

Libby also made this pattern in 8 1/2-inch bowls. This one was offered on eBay from Scotland in 2005 but there were no bids at $46 starting price. The seller said it was a light clambroth with blue-stained husks.

A salt and pepper set in light marigold sold for $50 in 2012. In 2019, another set, but darker, sold for $85.

Updated 5/6/2021