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Millersburg made several whimsies from their Hobstar and Feather giant rosebowl. This one is stretched up into a vase and is one of three in amethyst. There is also one in green. Another spectacular piece made from a Millersburg Hobstar and Feather giant rosebowl--this time an amethyst spittoon shape. It's the only one known.
Here is a spittoon whimsey made from a marigold Northwood Grape and Cable humidor. Quite a large piece, suitable for any barroom floor. The only one I know of. Another Grape and Cable spittoon whimsey, this time from a powder jar base. Known in marigold and green as well as this purple.
Millersburg's Deep Grape compotes are ususally found in a round shape with an occasional square example. This ruffled compote is unique. Also the only one known in this rosebowl shape is this Millersburg Deep Grape.
Whimsied from a Fenton Waterlily and Cattails marigold tumbler, this unusually shaped piece is one of just a couple known. This marigold Waterlily and Cattails spittoon was made from a small bowl.
Another vase made from a pitcher from which the handle has been left off--this time a Floral and Grape in blue. I assume it's Fenton's version and is the only one known. I don't know what you could call this shape--a vase I suppose. In any event it was made from a Northwood Grape and Cable cologne bottle. Three are known in amethyst.
This is Fenton's Lattice and Grape. It's a marigold tumbler that has been whimsied into a spittoon shape. I know of no others in this pattern. Another Fenton spittoon whimsey--this time made from a Leaf Tiers spooner or perhaps a small bowl. I've not heard of another in this pattern
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