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Dugan's Farmyard is found mostly in ruffled or square shaped bowls. Here, however, is the only known round bowl, spread so much that it's almost a plate. In amethyst, as are most Farmyard pieces. Imperial whimsied very few pieces. This one is a standard Cobblestones purple bowl that has been spread into a chop plate. The only one known.
A most unusual whimsey. Northwood's Grape and Cable purple hatpin holder that has been necked in then spread out to form a sort of spittoon shape. Another Grape and Cable hatpin holder, this one in green and with a ring cap that turns it into a vase. There are a couple of these known.
This green Cambridge Double Star ladies' spittoon was made from a tumbler. So far as I know, it is the only one in this pattern. So far as is known, this spittoon made from a green Peacock at the Fountain sugar bowl base. One other is known in green and one in amethyst.
Another Northwood Peacock at the Fountain piece, this time an amethyst fruit bowl that has been pulled up into almost a giant rosebowl. Only one known. Most Fenton Fantail large bowls are either ruffled or round, but here is one in blue that has been flattened into a chop plate.
This is what I suppose could be called a hair receiver. It was made from a Millersburg Feather and Heart tumbler and smoothed into the center. It's the only one I've heard of. Another Fenton Butterfly and Berry piece, this time a marigold tumbler made into a small hatpin holder. The ring cap was the one used for the vase and flames have been smoothed in. I've seen one other similar one.
The Fenton Kittens spittoons were made from a pulled up cereal bowl then necked in. There are several in both marigold and blue. US Glass made their little spittoon whimsies from a small Cosmos and Cane bowl. They are known in both white and honey amber.
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