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One of the unique aspects of Carnival Glass is that it was the last mass produced press-molded glass to be given individual hand-shaping after it came cut of the mold. While most pieces were given a standard range of crimping and ruffling, sometimes the craftsman would experiment, giving the piece a shape that was out of the ordinary.

We'll begin with Millersburg's Peacock whimsied into a spittoon shape. There are two known, this one in amethyst and one in marigold. Tom Mordini considers this the best piece of Carnival Glass, not only because it is a spectacular whimsey, but because of its marvelous iridescence and detail. Another Millersburg spectacular piece--this one a rosebowl shape from the Big Fish mold. It's in marigold and the only one known in marigold; one is also known in amethyst.
I know of three of the large marigold vases made from Fenton's Apple Tree pitcher mold, with the handles left off. Each of them has a differently shaped top--one of the others has a ruffled top, the third a straight-up top. Another Fenton pitcher with the handle left off. This one is Paneled Dandelion and is in blue. It's one of two known. Note the circular area about 1/3 of the way up where the base of the handle would have been attached.
Among the only known pieces in the pattern is this Millersburg Country Kitchen ladies' spittoon in amethyst, probably made from a sauce dish. Millersburg made quite a few whimsies, including this ladies' spittoon from a Diamonds marigold tumbler. One of two known.
Two Butterfly and Berry pieces made from the sauce dish. Amazing what different shapes could be made from the same piece. This is a marigold hair receiver. Again, the Butterfly and Berry sauce has been whimsied into a ladies' spittoon in amethyst. Note that the manipulation has caused the feet to be pulled up.
Another Millersburg Country Kitchen piece, this time a sauce pulled up into a marigold vase. A one of a kind vase--a marigold Westmoreland Daisy Wreath pulled up from a bowl.
A Fenton Blackberry Open Edge basket has been pulled up into a ladies' spittoon in blue. The only one known. Fenton craftsmen seemed to like using the Butterfly and Berry pieces for whimsies. This one is the sugar bowl shaped into a ladies' spittoon.
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