Thumbprint and Ovals, Imperial

Updated 11/21/2021

These 5 to 6 inch vases have more charm than a photo can show. Fenton apparently acquired the molds and has reissued them in several colors other than the marigold and purple used for the classic examples. Fenton has made them for both the Lincoln-Land club and the International Carnival Glass Association. I've seen the reissues in aqua opal, peach opal, and sapphire blue with enameled floral decorations.

Hartung Book Six: Thumbprint and Oval

Marigold, 140, 150, 235 (all 2019), 160, 210 (both 2021)

Purple, 375, 475 (both 2019), 400, 425, 475 (all 2020),
   400, 500, 525 (all 2021)