Miniature Hobnail (Koh-i-Noor), Brockwitz

The above two pieces sold in 2016. The covered jar on the left, in blue, listed as a bonbon brought $120 with some minor nicks. The marigold three-piece tumbleup sold for $160. Also in 2016, a marigold cordial sold for $55. The miniature cordial set shown above sold for $800 in 1998; another for $500 in 2000; and a third for $600 in 2002. In 2015 a similar set sold for $150.

In 2015 a marigold cordial sold for $75 and in 2011 an 8-piece wine set, including underplate, brought $165. In 2019, an 8-inch decanter and one cordial in marigold sold for $40.

In 2019, a marigold guest set like that above, sold for $425, and a 7 piece decanter set like that on the right brought $225.

In 2020, a miniature decanter and 2 coridals in marigold sold for $140. Was said to have been mae by Brockwitz.

See Glen and Steve Thistlewood's color insert We've Got It Covered

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Updated 5/26/2020