Hobnail, Others
Although Millersburg made the best known pieces in the Hobnail pattern, other manufacturers also made the pattern in Carnival glass.

The small green lamp brought $175 in 1998 while marigold examples sell between $100 and $150. A tumbler in black amethyst, described as Italian, sold for $455 in 2001 while the pitcher on the right, the same pattern and color, sold for $85 in 2003. In 2011, a marigold 8-inch cruet sold for $15. In 2015, a cordial glass, listed as european, sold for $75.

Two marigold cordials sold in 2003 for $220. In 2016, a marigold cordial, listed as miniature, sold for $55.

In 2019, an 8-inch miniature decanter and cordial in marigold sold for $40.

This marigold miniature guest set by Brockwitz sold in 2019 for $425. A similar set, without the underplate, brought $195 in 2020.

A 7-piece marigold decanter set, also by Brockwitz, sold at the same auction for $225.

In 2019, a 3 1/2-inch tumbler in marigold sold for $20. The auctioneer speculated that it was from a guest.

I don't know who made this 14 1/2-inch tall hobnail-type epergne, but it sold from Argentina on eBay in 2005 for $331.
This yellow tumbler sold in 2022 for $15. It was listed as Fenton,

Updated 1/28/2022