Australian Carnival Glass
A considerable amount of Carnival glass was made in Australia, most of it by Crown Crystal. While the shapes may be familiar to us--mostly bowls, compotes, and water sets, the patterns tend to reflect indigenous Australian flora and fauna. Colors seem to be limited to a typical marigold and a deep purple which some collectors call black amethyst. Occasional aqua and vaseline have also been reported. A number of patterns have a registration number on the front of the pieces, but the presence or absence of them makes little difference in the value. Australian Carnival was made somewhat later than in the US--beginning in the early 1920s.
Banded Diamonds. Blocks and Arches. Bullrushes and Bush Orchids.
Butterfly Bower. Butterfly Bush, Butterfly and Bells, Butterfly and Flannel Flowers, Butterfly and Waratah. Diamond Cut.
Emu. Gum Tips. Kangaroo.
Kingfisher and Kookaburra. Kiwi. Lily.
Magpie. Pinups. Scales.
Shrike (Thunderbird).

Stars & Prisms
Swan. Trailing Flowers.