Australian Kiwi, Crown Crystal

Updated 11/15/2022

As with many Australian patterns, the Kiwi (a small flightless bird) bowl is found in both 9 and 5 inch bowls. The design shows two birds within a garland of ferns and mountains in the background. Rarely seen and quite desirable. The reason is that the Kiwi is actually a New Zealand creature and when the Australian glass company, Crown Crystal, began producing these pieces, New Zealand asked them to stop, claiming the birds should only be shown on New Zealand-made products.

Hartung Book Six: Kiwi
Hartung Book nine: Kiwi back pattern

Bowls, 9-10 inches

Marigold, 2,005 (eBay 2006)

Purple, 6,000 (2007), 7,000 (2011), 4,700 (2015)

Salad bowl

Marigold, heat check, 332 (eBay 2004)

Sauces, about 5 inches

Marigold, 850 (2014), 750 (2015), 1,500 (2017)

Purple, 450 (2006)