Wild Berry, Westmoreland

Updated 10/21/2022

Little is known about this pattern. It's one of the few powder jars found in Carnival Glass. The maker is not known, but collectors speculate Westmoreland or US Glass. Found mostly in marigold but also reported in blue opal and moonstone. In 2004, an example marked as souvenir of Edinburg N.Y. sold for $120. In 2005, one lettered with "Henderson Harbor, NY" sold for $300.

Hartung Book Four: Wild Berry

Powder jars with lid, some with souvenir lettering

Marigold, 190, 250 (both 2017), 135 (2018),
   150 (2021), 120, 625 (both 2022)

Powder bottom only

Marigold, 5 (2013)

Peach opal, 160 (2012)