Wide Panel, Imperial

Imperial's Wide Panel is limited to bowls and plates which were originally sold as sets. They're usually considered to be Stretch glass. According to Carl O. Burns in his 1996 book on Imperial Glass, they were made in Salad sets consisting of a 9-inch bowl, an 11-inch plate, and six 8-inch plates. A Centerpiece set consisted of a 12-inch bowl and a 14-inch plate. There are many similar patterns with wide panels, but this is the only one that can be properly be called Wide Panel. This bowl in smoke sold for $15 in 1999. That's about the price for most pieces of clambroth, marigold and smoke. Red items often bring from $60 to $90.

In 2017, a red 9-inch bowl with a rolled edge brought $100 as did a 12-inch chop plate in red amberina. While neither was identified as Imperial, it's likely that's what they were.

The same year a marigold miniature salt dip in marigold was identified as Imperial Wide Panel that had the Iron Cross mark. It sold for $120.

In 2018, a spittoon in marigold, listed as Imperial and said to have been made from the chop plate, sold for $375. A chop plate in marigold brought $15.

In 2020, an 11-inch bowl with 13-inch underplate in smoke sold for $45. A 5 1/2" turned in bowl in smoke brought $35.

In 2021, a 9-inch bowl in red, without attribution, sold for $110. A rosebowl in marigold on milkglass brought $65.

In 2022, 9 1/4-inch console bowl in red sold for $50 and an 8-inch plate in red sold for $30. Two 11 3/4-inch charger plates in red sold for $65 and $350.

The above spittoon in marigold sold in 2021 for $230. It is 9 1/2 inches across and made from a chop plate. A salt dip also sold for $125. Photo Courtesy of Tom Burns Auctions.

Shortly after I posted this photo, I got a note from Mike Carwile saying "I bought this years ago on eBay from a family in Shady Side, Ohio which is located 6 miles from Bellaire where the Imperial Factory was.

I was told that this piece was passed down from a family member who worked at the factory.

I actually sold it to a friend in West, Va. years later, then bought it back at Tom's auction some months ago."

Hartung Book One: Wide Panel

Updated 10/29/2022