Wide Panel and Diamond

Updated 4/27/2022

This 6 1/4-inch vase in purple sold in 2018 for $650. The auctioneer stated that 3 or 4 are known. The auctioneer did not list the maker and I have no idea who made it. Photo courtesy Wroda Auctions.

Here's what Glen Thistlewood wrote about this vase: The vase is called Wide Panel and Diamond - and it was named by Steve and me some twenty years or so ago. We found the first example of it, in black amethyst (really black). We showed it in our first Magic & Mystery (pictured on page 194). It was also pictured in Century (page 157). We thought it might be Sowerby, as there is a certain similarity of design, but from that day ... to this day ... we have not been able to attribute it to a maker.