Victorian, Dugan
Most Victorian bowls have a ruffled edge rather than being round as shown here. What a pity as the elegant pattern of overlapping circles show so much better in this round example. This is a large pattern with most bowls measuring about 11 inches across.

Hartung Book Three: Victorian

Bowls, ruffled

Peach opal, 500 (2004), 550 (2008)

Purple, 80, 85, 100, 110 (all 2019),
   50, 70, 75, 160 (all 2020),
   110, 150, 1.100 (all 2021)

Purple, almost flat, 850 (1996)

Bowl, round or ice cream shape

Purple, 1,200 (2003), 300 (2008), 550 (2017)

Bowl, square ruffled

Purple, 200 (2009)

Updated 11/21/2021

One of the unusual aspects of the Victorian pattern is that peach opal is much more rare than is purple. With most Dugan patterns, peach opal tends to be more common. The photo of this exceptionally nice peach opal ruffled bowl was sent to me by George Webb.