Utah Liquor Co, Fenton

Utah Liquor is one of several advertising pieces made by Fenton using their 6-inch Garden Mums blank to which has been added the lettering. The lettering here reads "Utah Liquor Co." across the center with "Lewis 66 Rye" (apparently the company's principal brand) above and "228 S. Main St." below. The phrase "Phones 478" in smaller letters is just below the main letters.

Plate, handgrip

Amethyst, 400, 450 (both 2018), 165, 625 (both 2019), 350 (2020),
   375, 425 (both 2022)

Plate, double handgrip (card tray)

Amethyst, 275, 300 (2017), 500, 525 (2018), 185, 325, 450 (all 2019),
   375 (2021)

Plate, flat

Amethyst, 400, 725 (both 2017), 450, 500 (both 2018), 525, 600 (both 2020),
   800 (2021)

Bowls, ice cream shape, 6 inch

Amethyst, 650 (2022)

From The Encyclopedia of Carnival Glass Lettered Pieces, by John Resnik, 1989.

"We are all quick to damn the telephone company, and sometimes rightly so. However, in the case of this item, I may never have known from whence it came were it not for the Western Bell business office. I requested the 1915 location of telephone number 478, and a computer readout later, back came Salt Lake City. The rest was easy.

Utah Liquor was founded in 1894 at 167 South Main Street. Mr. Jacob Bergerman relocated his business to 223 South Main Street on March 30, 1903. I know the exact date because, quite by accident, I happened upon an ad in the Salt Lake City Herald announcing the move. State wide prohibition came to Utah in 1917, and Mr. Bergerman had find another line of work.

Addendum: This piece is unique in that it advertises someone elses product. Lewis 66 Rye was a popular spirit of that time."

Updated 8/18/2022