Unusual Items in Carnival Glass
While most of us are familiar with the usual bowls, plates, water sets, vases and so on that exist in Carnival Glass, there are other rare items that are seldom seen. Glass makers could be very inventive, so here are a few unusual items that have sold recently.

Laurel Cluster Tray
Eleven inches long. Sold in 2022 for $400.

Thistle Spittoon
Five inches tall, sold in 2019 fir $1,750.

Fish paperweight
This Fish paperweight is 4 1/4 inches long and sold in 2021.

Imperial 700 Candlesticks
In marigold on milk glass, this set sold in 2022 for $950..

Tiffany Prisms
This set of lamp prisms in green sold in 2022 for $95.

Rose pattern vase
The first reported, in marigold on milk glass and 5 1/4 inches tall. Sold in 2022 for $325.

Dr, Chadler's Bitters bottle
This bottle is red and 7 1/2 inches tall. It sold for $375 in 2017.

Dr. Fisch's Bitters bottle
This bottle is red and 7 1/2 inches tall. It sold for $240 in 2017.

Skull jar
Marigold and about 6 inches tall. Sold for $200 in 2010

Horse vase
This vase is amber and sold in 2022 for $85.

Cat, covered
This covered dish was listed at black amethyst and 8 inches tall when it sold in 2022 for $120.

Covered Camel
This blue camel is contemporary and sold in 2013 for $105.

Heirloom, Indiana
This red rosebowl with blue iridescense sold in 2022 for $150.

Lattice and Grape
This one of a kind marigold spittoon sold in 2011 for $1,300

Revolver Pistol
This odd piece is 5 inches long and was listed as black when it sold in 2022 for $40. I'm guessing it was intended as a paperweight.

Nymphet flower holder
Orange Tree exterior. $100, 2022

Caprise vase A contemporary Fenton vase, Six and 1/2 inches tall. it sold in 2022 for $60.

Violin Bottle
Nine-inch bottle in green by Robert Hansen. It brought $350 in 2017.

Bonnie Blue Doorstop
Unusual piece that sold in 2022 for $40.

This water pitcher and tumbler in marigold.are from India and sold for $90 in 2022.

Diamond Lace Epergne.
This three lily epergne in red sold in 2022 for $260.