Now is the time to buy Carnival!

Over the last twenty-five years, prices of Carnival Glass have fallen considerably. The table below exhibits selected patterns and the average of their auction prices for those items from the years 1994 to 1996, 2014 to 2016, and 2017 to 2019. Virtually all patterns exhibit a similar drop.

Why, might you ask? There are several reasons. One is that access to Carnival Glass sales is easier than ever. Auctions were not typically offered on the internet twenty years ago, and eBay wasn't formed until 1995. Another reason is that as more attention was focused on Carnival as a collectible, more people became interested in selling their collections. And as long time closet collectors began dying, their children needed to dispose of all that glass, or people began realizing that that colorful glass sitting on top of the hutch was worth something.

Consequently, more and more Carnival came onto the market. For example, in the 1994 to 1996 period, I have listings of just 19 sales of purple Grape and Cable sweetmeats--then thought to be a particularly special item. In the 2014 to 2016 period, 56 of these pieces sold. Similar numbers occurred throughout Carnival auction sales.

While some folks may say that Carnival is dying as a collectible, I say the opposite, and the ready availability of excellent examples provides a great opportunity to acquire some really great glass and to form spectacular collections. Jump in now before the trend reverses!

Price averages for years: 1994-19952014-20162017-2019
Acorn Burrs water sets, 7 pc, amethyst/purple$917$366$312
Acorn Burrs water sets, 7 pc, green1,200496292
Acorn Burrs water sets, 7 pc, marigold850275253
Courthouse bowls, ruffled or ICS, amethyst801513425
Bushel Baskets, round, aqua opal354111101
Bushel Baskets, round, blue1505769
Bushel Baskets, round, green46610494
Bushel Baskets, round, ice green2416764
Bushel Baskets, round, marigold1163851
Bushel Baskets, round, sapphire blue2,033400431
Diamond Lace water pitchers, purple299122101
Fine Rib vases, red465141171
Grape and Cable hatpin holders, purple30010396
Grape and Cable sweetmeats, purple2387665
Hearts and Flowers bowls, ruffled, ice blue324137104
Hearts and Flowers compotes, aqua opal514206187
Holly plates, blue29813981
Nesting Swan bowls, amethyst316195157
Nippon PCE bowls, ice blue25111799
Old Rose Distilling plates, green509227195
Peacocks bowls, ruffled, aqua opal875526418
Peacocks plates, ice green413165156
Poppy Show plates, blue2,108746787
Rose Show bowls, aqua opal997471407
Three Fruits plates, stippled, blue677336242
Town Pump, purple823495380
All sales during select year ranges$434$223$324