Triands (Niobe), Brockwitz
Quite scarce pieces. Shown are a cylindrical vase and a celery vase. These were part of an extensive line of shapes called Niobe by the German manufacturer, Brockwitz. The general design theme is a series of pointed indentions with thin bars above and below.

Vase, 8--9-inch cylindrical

Marigold, 20, 175 (both 2007), 20 (2010),
   25 (2014), 25 (2015), 40 (2017), 95 (2020),
   20, 40 (both 2021)

Vase, celery, 6-inch flared

Marigold, 25 (2006), 10 (2009), 40 (2011),
   25 (2015), 35, 95 (both 2020)

The Triands creamer shown at the left, the only shape that I've seen other than vases, sold on eBay (from England) in 2005. It brought $10.

See a photo and read about the covered cheese dish on Glen and Steve Thistlewood's color insert We've Got It Covered

Hartung Book Nine: Triands

In 2020, this 5-inch jelly compote sold for $80. It's the first of I'd heard of this shape.
Yet another shape in Triands that I wasn't aware of. It's an 8-inch plate in marigold. This one was offered on eBay in 2005 but didn't make the reserve at $33, but one like it did sell for $77.

In 2017, an item listed as an 8 1/2 inch plate sold for $10.

Greg Dilian sent in a photo of his Triands marigold jardiniere that he found in 2016 on a trip to Phoenix AZ. It is 8 3/4 inches long by 5 1/8 inches wide. No record of one selling at auction can be found. You can see the Brockwitz catalog page showing the jardiniere just below the first catalog page.
Below are pages from a Brockwitz catalog showing the Noibe pattern.
There were many shapes, but not all were iridized. Catalog pages courtesy of Bob Smith.

Updated 9/9/2021