Tomahawk, Cambridge

Updated 8/29/2020

These 7 1/4-inch tomahawks are quite rare. Note the American Indian on the blade. When this blue example sold at a 1999 auction for $3,000, it was listed as one of two known. A purple one sold at a 2003 auction for $4,400.

In 2013, two sold. One in purple with a chip at the end of the handle brought $1,200; a vaseline, also with a chip at the end of the handle, sold for $1,300. Also in 2013, a tomahawk listed as miniature in marigold, sold for $475.

In 2017, a blue tomahawk sold at auction for $3,600. Also in 2017, marigold and purple tomahawks sold for $225 and $525, respectively.

In 2020, a purple Tomahawk sold for $2,300 and a vaseline brought $1,850. Also in 2020, a blue example sold for $1,700.

The design has been reproduced by Degenhart, Boyd, and possibly others and are of minimal value.

Writing in the www.cga newsletter in 2013, Glenn Thistlewood points out that this item is found in a 1917-1918 Cambridge catalog.

Hartung Book Six: Tomahawk