Three Ten, Tiffin/U.S. Glass

Updated 3/28/2021

The 5 1/4-inch base is scalloped on these 9-inch tall candleholders. The base is hollow up to the candle cup. In addition to the marigold shown, they are reported in blue, ice blue, jade green, and opaque yellow. In 2007, a pair in Jade green sold for $105 and in 2009 a pair in ice blue sold for $75.

In 2012, a console set consisting of two candleholders and a 9-inch bowl sold for $100. It was listed as vaseline opaque.

In 2013, a pair listed as this pattern in celeste blue sold for $55. Another pair listed as celeste sold in 2014 for $60 and two more pairs in celeste brought $15 and $35 in 2015.

In 2016, a celeste blue pair sold for $35 and a marigold pair brought $80. Also in 2016, a jade green console set (bowl, 2 candlesticks) sold for $40.

In 2019, a pair of marigold candlesticks sold for $40 and a console set in mandarin yellow went for $65.

in 2020, a single candlestick in celeste blue sold for $20.

In 2021, a single candlestick in crystal with yellow iridescence and black top sold for $60. A single in topaz brought $70. Two blue pairs sold for $30 and $70; a jade green pair brought $100 as did a jade green opal pair. A Mandarin yellow three-piece console set sold for $80.