Starlight, Karhula

Glen and Stephen Thistlewood, in their book, A Century of Carnival Glass, report this rare vase in three shapes, incurving (rosebowl), flared, and waisted (spittoon shaped)--as shown in a 1934 Karhula (Finnish) catalog, (although they haven't yet seen a flared example in carnival). These small, albeit heavy, little vases are approximately (depending on the top shaping) 5 inches tall. Most examples are blue, but Glen and Steve report, in their Network #63, the discovery of a very rare marigold on milk glass example.

Vases, 5-inch, blue
350 (2004), 350 (2007, 200 (2009),
   80, 175 (both 2020)

Updated 9/17/2021